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Division President | NMLS #179395


After more than 20 years in the industry, Robert Coomer established RCG Home Loans to bring his vision for a stress-free and high-quality mortgage experience to life. RCG Home Loans is an assortment of some of the top mortgage professionals in the industry. Our leaders are humble, put their best foot forward, empathetic, and approachable. This hand-picked group of Loan Officers, Processors, and support staff bring a wide range of expertise and experience to help give our clients the very best experience possible. Despite working in such a dynamic industry, our goal remains the same: listen twice as much as we speak to deliver this experience with a service-first mindset. We do this by focusing on our relationships, processes, and products, constantly testing our systems, and looking for opportunities for improvement.

Our mission is simple, to create a culture of responsible autonomy. Giving every one of our employees the freedom and flexibility to reach their highest goals while remaining accountable for their decisions and results. We seek like-minded individuals who believe they work best and achieve the most when allowed to operate with responsible autonomy.

Our vision is clear, to create a positive culture and joyful experience for everyone involved in the home loan process. We continue to ensure our consumers are serviced, educated, and empowered first in their ability to become homeowners.

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